Keraton Yogyakarta #1

Keraton Yogyakarta edition 1 coverWith information to rival a tourist guide to the Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta, why wouldn’t you put this zine in your pocket before your next visit to Indonesia? It also features a poem. Something you don’t find in your average tourist guide. View and download this edition

One thought on “Keraton Yogyakarta #1

  1. I like some of the topics provided by Zines. I can envisage what I can do with my classes particularly with my senior students using some of the those topics. I can use short stories or articles to start a topic in my class or to explain a grammar point within a text. They are also good in a sense that they are written by Indonesian teenagers and their work can be consumed by other teenagers in other part of the world – Australia. However, I find it a bit challenging to create Zines myself or to ask my students to create their own Zines due to the time. Thank you for all your hard work.

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